Pásele güerito!

Shout out to all the POC who are relearning all the useful, natural, and economical cultural skills that were taught to us by our families but forgotten and abandoned when we were growing up so we could assimilate into a white supremacist society for our own survival


Now ~conscious and eco-friendly~ white hipsters are jumping on board and pretending like these skills are their own new invention while scolding us for not following suit, ignoring the fact that they were the very ones that shamed us into forgetting this knowledge in the first place. 

pffff this one hurts

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And if we bite each other the pain is sweet, and if we smother each other in a brief and terrible sucking in together of our breaths, that momentary death is beautiful.

Julio Cortazar (from Hopscotch)


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Anonymous asked: Monkey want a banana?


I dunnooo. Do you?